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Language School PROGRAM boasts nearly thirty years of experience in teaching English and other European languages, such as German or Spanish, at all levels of advancement and in various age groups. We also teach Polish to foreigners.

Our Polish teachers have adequate qualifications and experience in teaching Polish to foreigners. Their knowledge of foreign languages, such as English, German, Arabic and Turkish, comes in handy when teaching not only beginners!

PROGRAM has been cooperating with Bell International, one of the best known educational institutions in Great Britain, since 1995. We were privileged to be able to use their experience and assistance on an academic level.

Since September 2010 the School has been an Authorised Cambridge Assessment English Examination Centre. The school runs a wide range of exams, such as YLE, B1 First, C1 Advanced etc. for both children and adults. You will find further information about the exams on our website.

We organise English courses for children (starting from 3 years of age), teenagers, adults, exam courses preparing for Cambridge exams, IELTS courses and language training courses for companies and corporations, not only in Poznań and Wielkopolska but nationwide.

Every year PROGRAM organises immensely popular language camps for children and teenagers, residential courses for adults and intensive English courses (English Naturally) for corporate and individual customers.

Every year approximately 240 children participate in our language camps. Residential courses for adults also attract dozens of  participants. Additionally, PROGRAM-Bell runs specialist courses at the request of  various organisations.  The school is well-equipped to deal with bigger contracts with such large corporations as Kompania Piwowarska, GlaxoSmithKline or TPA – Group Polska.

Classes are run by both Polish teachers of English and foreign (British, American and Australian) teachers.

For more information call +48 61 8519 250 or write to

Why should you choose language summer camps with PROGRAM (formerly PROGRAM-Bell)?

For many years PROGRAM has been organizing themed language camps with English native speakers. Learning English naturally when speaking in class with native Brits, Americans or Canadians is the easiest way to effectively acquire English. There is no textbook or teaching method that would match the effectiveness of natural language acquisition. Our teachers from USA, Great Britain and Canada have the right qualifications to teach a foreign language, experience in working with children, they are full of enthusiasm and their personalities are just perfect for this job. At the same time they have many additional skills: they are familiar with the rules of many sports and games, they are musical and can sing or play musical instruments, direct a play and make a good movie or musical. All our teachers have experience working in other countries, often with children from other cultures. We are certain that this experience will enrich the summer camps organized by our school and allow children and teenagers to discover their talents.

Lake Wellness Centre Szczecinek/ A
28.06.2020 - 11.07.2020
Age of the participants: 8 - 14 years                                
Price: PLN 2,890 (in instalments: PLN 950 + PLN 1990)

Lost in Adventure!

We invite you to take part in our fitness camp, where you will experience a real vortex of adventure! You can become a ranger, a treasure hunter or you can just spend time with your friends! As rangers you will earn badges hidden along the route around the nearby lake. As treasure hunters you'll look for hidden valuables. You will use your talents as trackers. You will follow the signs, solve various puzzles and of course everything will be in English. Solving puzzles is just one of the ways to find the hidden treasure. The other one is a satellite navigation system used in an outdoor recreational activity called Geocaching, (geo-land and cache-hideout). You will be divided into groups and you will try to find hideouts scattered in the forest near the Centre. The only help in solving the puzzle and finding the mysterious cache will be the latitude and longitude coordinates, a GPS receiver and a map. This search will allow you to acquire new skills. You will learn how to move in a forested area and have great fun at the same time. For each badge you'll receive points that you can collect to become a fearless adventurer.
At the camp you will also explore an underground maze and play the knights of the round table. Together with the teachers you will create sets for several episode fragments from famous stories and act them in the open air. During the two-day workshop you will discover the secrets of taekwondo under the watchful eyes of instructors. At the end of the training, students will demonstrate their martial art skills in the park surrounding the centre.
There will be one more attraction during the camp – a short sailing course conducted by an instructor from the centre, as well as swimming in a nearby lake and a water tram ride to Mysia Wyspa. You will also walk around some interesting bunkers from the times of the Second World War, a tourist attraction in Szczecinek.

Pałac Książęcy Wleń/ B
13.07.2020 - 26.07.2020
Age of the participants: 8 - 13 years                                        
Price: 2,890 PLN (in instalments: PLN 950 PLN + PLN 1990)

Mystery of the Jungle!

We invite fans of incredible adventures and fantasy to the beautiful Pałac Książęcy in Wleń. Discover the world of fairy tales in a castle and a surrounding park which will turn into an exciting jungle during the camp. There you will meet a group of friends: Spencer, Martha, Fridge and Bethany (who is on the phone all the time). You will experience chilling adventures, find your avatars, sometimes surprising ones, which will create quite a lot of funny situations. After starting the magic console you will enter the magical world of Jumanji video game. Your friends will join in as new players. You will also invite Spencer’s grandfather and his former colleague – two elderly gentlemen, to this dangerous and adventurous world. And then everything will begin!
You will enter this exciting reality with the movie "Jumanji. Next level”. You will have to discover the fate of the heroes in the jungle. You will write a script full of adventures, shoot movies and watch them together on a screen.
During the camp you will visit the picturesque ruins of Lenno, the oldest stone castle in Poland, towering over Wleń. Seeking new adventures you will take many hiking escapades around the Rudawski Landscape Park. You will have the opportunity to admire Colourful Lakes with amazing water colour or climb the picturesque Skalnik Mountain. For refreshment, you will take a water bath in Cieplice Baths.
Or maybe you decide to shoot some of your movie themes in the open air? After all, the film takes place in the jungle, where a voracious hippo lurks...

Pałac Siemczyno/ C
27.07.2020 – 9.08.2020
Age of the participants: 8 - 13 years                                     
Price: PLN 2,890 (in instalments: PLN 950 PLN+ PLN 1,990)

Animal Menagerie – The Funny Adventures of Dr. Dolittle

This year Siemczyno Palace will transform into Dolittle Manor, where many spooky and mysterious adventures await you. You will meet the eccentric doctor, John Dolittle, who lives in Dolittle Manor with his animal menagerie: a funny gorilla, a duck with a bird's brain, a duo of ostrich friends an elephant and a real tough guy – a parrot. You will discover his world. Rumour has it, Dr Dolittle understands the speech of animals. But when the Queen falls ill to a mysterious disease, Dr. Dolittle will be forced to go to a mythical island to find a cure. And you will help him! Thanks to you, Dr Dolittle, initially full of doubts, will regain his good humour and courage. The movie "Dolittle” will become your inspiration and thanks to it you will be able to feel the atmosphere of Victorian England. You will sit in a real cinema room to fully absorb the atmosphere of the movie. Such an experience will give you a thrill and will definitely motivate you to help Dr Dolittle.
Then, based on the film you have watched, you'll write scenarios for short performances in which you'll become your chosen heroes. Your English-speaking teachers will help you write and create your own works.
You will also be supported by young actors from Społeczna Jedynka studio from Poznań who will give you a two-day acting workshop. They will show you all the secrets of performances on stage and with their help you will create short movies related to the film you have watched.
As holiday time is a time for relaxation, during the camp the whole group will go several times to the lake near Czaplinek where you will play on the beach and go cycling in a beautiful area, full of forests and lakes, where the present combines with the past. Perhaps you will meet one of the Doctor's funny animals?
You will also go to Sławograd in Czaplinek, where many attractions await you...

Marina Borne Sulinowo / A
28.06.2020 - 11.07.2020
Age of the participants: 12 - 17 years                            
Price: PLN 2,890 (in instalments: PLN 950 + PLN 1,990)

Just like in Agatha Christie’s books

If you are creative and imaginative, we would like to invite you to the beautiful resort of Marina Borne Sulinowo for a camp that will give you a thrill. The theme will be a detective story inspired by the work of Agatha Christie – an expert in classic crime novels. You will watch and analyse fragments of a film inspired by her work – “Knives Out” directed by Ray Johnson.
The film is set in an estate that belongs to the famous crime novel author Harlan Trombley, who is found dead the day after his 85th birthday. The investigation is conducted by an elegant and equally inquisitive detective, just like the famous Hercule Poirot – Benoit Blanc, played by Daniel Craig. In this way you will discover the secrets of escalating the tension towards the climactic moments for which Agatha Christie was famous.
You will prepare and perform selected scenes from the movie with the "suspense" atmosphere working together in "project groups". With sheer mastery, as actors, you will become family members of the murdered senior. Everyone in the movie has a motive to kill. Everything will be done in a black and white film convention. Benoit Blanc, through his unconventional methods, determination and skills reveals further elements of the puzzle. There can only be one perpetrator. The stuffy atmosphere of the property will magnify the tension created on your film sets but you don't have to be afraid. It's just a movie!
Szymon Kawecki, a master of black and white photography, will lead a two-day photography workshop and will help you take photos for your movies. Finally, there will be a festive crime themed Gala Dinner.
During the stay there will also be an opportunity to swim in a nearby lake, take a water tram  to Mysia Wyspa or enjoy bike rides around the area.

Lake Wellness Centre Szczecinek/ B 
12.07.2020 - 25.07.2020
age of the participants: 13 - 17 years                                           
price: PLN 2,890 (in instalments: PLN 950 + PLN 1,990)    

The Witcher & Other Stories

A beautiful Lake Wellness Centre in Szczecinek, surrounded by forests and lakes, will be the place where you will meet the characters of the Witcher saga. You will spend two amazing weeks full of thrilling adventures in the mysterious area of forests and lakes in the Drawski Landscape Park.
This book is full of suspense, like the books of Edgar Allan Poe or Arthur Conan Doyle, who are masters of this genre. However, this time horror will mix with fantasy. You will be inspired by the work of A. Sapkowski – a saga about “The Witcher”, whose world is inhabited by dwarves, gnomes, werewolves and vampires. At the camp you will get to know a few fragments of the story of Geralt of Rivia, Cahir, Jaskier, Ciri, Yennefer and many others.           
Inspired by the saga, you will create your own theatre scenes in the scenery of the centre and the park surrounding it. You will also use other characters from the well-known films, games and novels of A. Sapkowski where horror and fantasy meet. You will have a make-up session, for which we will provide materials and tools and this will make the whole project even more thrilling! Your outfits straight from the movie and the book about The Witcher will be photographed at a catwalk fashion show just like in London or New York. The photos will be taken by Szymon Kawecki – a master of photography. He will conduct a two-day photographic workshops just for you.
And at the end of the day, when the evening finally comes and when your faces are reflected in the waters of a nearby lake will it be like in the poem by E.A. Poe? - “a dim lake that drowns in the mist and a forest haunted by ghosts" - you will see for yourself ...
There will be one more attraction during the camp – a short sailing course conducted by an instructor from the centre. In addition, there will be swimming in a nearby lake and a water tram ride to Mysia Wyspa. You will also walk around some interesting bunkers from the
times of the Second World War, a tourist attraction in Szczecinek.
Second World War, a tourist attraction in Szczecinek.

Siemczyno Palace/ C
27.07.2020 – 9.08.2020
Age of the participants: 13 - 17 years                                  
Price: PLN 2,890 (in instalments: PLN 950 + PLN 1,990)


This summer the mysterious and picturesque scenery of the historic palace in Siemczyno will take you into the world of myths and magic.
The palace was built in the 18th century by the von der Goltz family. It is a spectacular building hiding a few interesting stories. Here, in Heinrichsdorf, the Swedish army crossed the Polish border, starting their invasion called “The Swedish Deluge”. Among the walls of the old palace and the rocks, ravines and lakes of the Drawski Landscape Park you will meet creatures straight from Tolkien's fantasy novels: elves, dwarves, hobbits and wizards. The heroes of this world are characterized by extraordinary strength and courage. They often sacrifice their freedom and their lives to fight for their land and its people.
At the camp you will create perfect interpretations of characters from Tolkien’s Middle Earth. You will turn into Gandalf, Pippin, Aragorn, Frodo, Arwen or Eowyn. You will create a Broadway-like artistic and musical performance that reflects the atmosphere of Tolkien's saga. Bring your own instruments (guitars, flutes, trumpets) and create new music which may become the basis for a new Broadway musical called The Tolkien Saga. Become the masters of the fantasy genre and present the battle between good and evil with your own background music. Or maybe some of you prefer to become set designers or makeup artists? We invite you to the unique theatre in Siemczyno Palace, where a real stage is waiting for those students who want to sing, dance and act!
You will be supported by the actors from Społeczna Jedynka studio from Poznań who will give you a two-day acting workshop where you will focus on vocal exercises, work with the body and discover your vocal abilities. Maybe you will discover your talent and it will be equal to that of Roxie Węgiel?
During your stay you will take very interesting trips to the lake near Czaplinek and visit this old, historic town. You will take a cycling trip down the Henrykowski trail and a lot more.
traces of previous generations, where the present mixes with history.